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Simi Masonic Lodge Gives Back


Through the generous donations from the whole Masonic family, we were able to donate to the California Highway Patrol 80+ teddy bears (and other characters) for them to use to give to kids to help them through traumatic events.  Officer Duarte also mentioned to us that they will probably use some of them for their Holiday CHiPs for Kids event, where they donate toys to needy kids.  With Officer Duarte are Jr. Warden Steve Wilson (left) and Sr. Warden Ed Thomson (right), and that would be Solomon the Bear in the middle who is our mascot.

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Masonic Child ID Program

Each year approximately 725,000 children are reported missing in the United States. The Kids ID program gives parents the peace of mind that they are prepared for the unthinkable.

As a resource to Simi Valley parents, the Masons of Simi Valley provides free fingerprinting and photo identification for children of all ages. Parents also receive an identification sheet that includes space to record a child’s height, weight, eye and hair color, and distinguishing marks. This sheet will be extremely valuable to authorities if a child ever becomes missing or abducted.

The entire process takes only a minute and no information is ever recorded on the computer equipment.

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CHiPs for Kids

For the past several years the Simi Valley Masonic Lodge has worked with the California Highway Patrol, Moorpark Office, donating stuffed animals to the CHiPs for Kids program. 

When a Patrol Officer stops for an accident or other traumatic event and children are involved, the situation can rapidly escalate. Tensions can build and little eyes are quick to pick up on their parents’ distress and anger. Arming the Officer with Teddies to present to children can work amazingly to reduce those tensions.  A simple act of kindness to an innocent child, can take him or her out of a bad situation, quiet cries and dry eyes.  Quieter children lead to quieter parents and a better outcome for everyone concerned. 

Too often CHiPs Officers have thankless jobs when all they are doing is making our highways safer for all of us.  Daddy might not have many kind words to say about the patrolman after getting a ticket, but his tone might be a little softer due to the attention his child received.  And those little eyes can see, and are quite capable to making up his own mind. 

If you would like to donate to our Teddy drive, please contact us either by phone or email, and we will coordinate either a drop-off or a pick-up with you.  

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