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Welcome to a new chapter of Simi Valley Lodge # 806. Before I cover the goals for this year, I’d like to take a few moments to thank some very hard working and dedicated people who have guided our Lodge and helped it prosper.

Worshipful Steve Wilson, without his dedication, sacrifice, and willingness to help, I know that we would not now enjoy the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of our Lodge. He has guided us through some rough patches, and because of his patience and good nature has left us in a better place than when he entered the position. Without a doubt, his commitment to the Prospect Committee and membership development has put us in a position to be a healthy and vibrant Lodge.

Worshipful Tom White, who has spent the past 4 years working tirelessly as Secretary for the Lodge, has been there every step of the way for multiple Masters, and it’s with some regret that I won’t be enjoying his services as well. Wor. White isn’t leaving our Lodge and certainly isn’t going to be a stranger, but I think we can all agree, that taking a break is a necessary thing if you want to maintain some sense of motivation.

Wor. Jay Monroe has been a big part of the ‘best Lodge in the Valley’ as far as I can remember. Certainly since I joined the Lodge, and has never failed to offer advice or guidance when I’ve asked. He has been President of the Building Association, and has overseen many improvements to the Lodge that we now enjoy and often take for granted. He has always kept the welfare of the Lodge foremost in his thoughts and has worked closely with the Youth Groups. He is a fine example of that cement which unites us into a society of friends and brothers.

Wor. Mike Lim, District 513 Inspector, was our Inspector for just a brief period, but helped mold our corps of Officers, and has been available to us for anything we have asked of him, and frequently bringing with him Brothers from his Lodge. Wor. Lim will be missed.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Worshipful Eric Bertolli as our new Inspector. Already he has brought energy and motivation to our Lodge, has attended several of our practices and has helped us get on-track with our ritual and floor-work.

With that I’d like to say “Hello and Thank you” to all my brethren for your support. As the new Master, I’m learning just exactly how much work the previous Masters had to do. It amazes me how effortless they made it seem. The image of a duck swimming across a lake comes to mind, all calm and smooth above the water, but feet paddling seemingly a million miles an hour below. I will do my best to support the Lodge and keep thinks running smoothly.

We have all heard, “my door is always open”. If you are like me, you would roll your eyes and heave a heavy sigh, but in this position I must remain available to all. I cannot be successful unless each and every one of you is successful. I am committed to throwing in my ideas where we might include more of our members, families, friend and all the Masonic groups. We will try to have social events every single month. Specifically I would like to invite everyone to the Lodge on Saturday, February 6th at 6:30pm, for a Social Calendar meeting. I’ve got ideas and I’m sure most, if not every member has ideas for activities for the coming year. Events from Movie Nights, to karaoke, fireworks, and deep-sea fishing are in different stages of planning. I’m certain not all ideas are going to be smash hits, but many will be at least worth a try.

The last thing I want to say in my first article as Master of the Lodge, is to express a warm welcome to the ladies in my Brother’s lives. You are important to our Masonic family. I recognize the sacrifice you make in letting us have a part in the lives of your men. It is my hope that you will join with us in our Lodge activities and make it more than just a place to go for dinner and a meeting.



Robert Canterbury,



Welcome to the new 2016 Officers of Simi Valley Lodge


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